Chemtoll is a leading chemical manufacturing company and chemical supplier.

Chemtoll is a trusted chemical supplier and chemical manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. We provide premium chemicals produced under strict quality standards, with sustainable business practises, for industries across South Africa. Learn more about our chemical manufacturing process, toll manufacturing services, and the chemical products we supply.

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Rely on a chemical manufacturer with a 20+ year track record of producing high quality chemical products with excellent support services.

Chemtoll adheres to strict standards of production and waste disposal, backed by appropriate ISO accreditations. 

Environmental responsibility and sustainable practises are at the forefront of the production process, and facilities also feature energy generation capacity to ensure that power failures do not cause interruptions.

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ISO 9001 Accredited

Conveniently located

ISO 45001 Accredited

BBBEE Level 1

Backup electricity is available

Chemtoll has been in the business of toll manufacturing of chemicals for over 20 years

Chemtoll has always been at the forefront of chemical toll manufacturing, and in its early days, Chemtoll produce chemical products for the textile auxiliary manufacturing industry, and water purification products.

Today, a range of chemical products are produced for clients in industries such as leather, paint, oil, mining and more. Chemtoll prides itself on being one of only a few companies in South Africa that has big batch blending and large-scale chemical toll manufacturing infrastructure/capabilities.

Chemtoll is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor with an ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 accreditation that adheres to strict SHEQ standards, and conducts environmentally responsible and sustainable business practises. Waste products are treated according to appropriate legislation and ISO 9001 standards.

Chemtoll has an emergency electricity generator that allows us to keep working during power outages. Chemtoll is the perfect partner for any business looking to grow and prosper. Based in Somerset West, South Africa, Chemtoll is convenientl 

Chemtoll's chemical toll manufacturing process & Chemical supply

A chemical contract manufacturer that meets all of your expectations.

Chemtoll specialises in chemical toll manufacturing and prides itself on being able to manufacture almost any chemical product to meet customer requirements and specifications.

Whether it is in powder or liquid form, we provide expert advice and professional service to design and deliver your high quality chemical products for your desired application.

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1. Contact / consultation phase

2. Formula specifications / design and refinement

3. Production of premium end-product

4. Delivery on time and in full

Our high quality, chemical products are used across a range of industries

With our fully equipped factory, ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 standards and non-disclosure agreement - your business and its trade secrets are safe with us.

Chemtoll is able to provide the perfect chemical manufacturing solution, enabling you to perfect recipes and formulas, and develop a high quality end product. 

Chemtoll’s stainless steel reactors range from 50 litres to 30,000 litres. All of which can be purged with nitrogen, pressurised, and then heated or cooled as required.

Chemical products include degreasers, softeners, esters, defoamers, emulsifiers, cleaning chemicals, sanitisers and more. Chemtoll also manages the toll manufacturing of chemicals, and can source raw materials on your behalf. 

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Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a very corrosive chemical that can be used to manufacture soaps, rayon, paper, explosives, dyestuffs, and petroleum products.

Enquire about toll manufacturing or chemical supply of Sodium hydroxide.

Contact a chemical toll manufacturer that meets your expectations.

Chemtoll’s knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with your project. No matter the complexity of your chemical formulation, Chemtoll’s facilities are perfectly equipped to meet your exact requirements. Get in touch to find out more and discuss your chemical contract manufacturing needs.

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Frequently asked questions about chemical toll manufacturing

Toll manufacturing, also known as toll processing or contract manufacturing, is a business arrangement where a company processes raw materials or semi-finished goods for another company. The toll manufacturer uses its facilities, equipment, and expertise to produce products according to the customer’s specifications. The customer provides materials and formulation, while the toll manufacturer handles manufacturing, labor, and quality control. It offers cost savings, expertise, and allows companies to focus on core competencies. Chemtoll likely offers toll manufacturing services, producing chemicals based on customer requirements and adhering to quality and sustainability standards.

Chemical manufacturing involves large-scale production of chemicals from raw materials through various industrial processes. It includes synthesis, purification, formulation, and packaging stages. Chemtoll, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in manufacturing chemicals under strict quality standards and sustainable practices for diverse industries in South Africa.

Toll manufacturing is when a company processes raw materials provided by a customer for a fee. The customer retains ownership of the materials, while the toll manufacturer handles production. Contract manufacturing is a broader term where a company outsources the entire production process to a manufacturer. The manufacturer may source materials, produce the goods, and provide additional services. Ownership of materials and products varies. Toll manufacturing is a specific type of contract manufacturing where the customer supplies materials, while contract manufacturing involves outsourcing production entirely.

ISO 9001 accreditation is a recognized quality management system standard for chemical manufacturing. It ensures robust quality control, compliance with regulations, continuous improvement, and enhances market competitiveness. Chemtoll’s ISO 9001 accreditation signifies their commitment to delivering high-quality chemicals and meeting customer expectations.

Companies obtain ISO 9001 accreditation by understanding the standard, planning, developing a quality management system, training employees, implementing and monitoring processes, conducting management reviews, undergoing a certification audit, taking corrective actions, and finally receiving the ISO 9001 certificate. Seeking guidance from experts can be beneficial throughout the process.

ISO 45001 is a standard for occupational health and safety management systems. It is important for waste disposal because it ensures employee safety, compliance with regulations, effective risk management, continuous improvement, and enhances the organization’s reputation in waste management practices.

Specialty chemicals are customized high-value products designed for specific industries or applications. They offer unique functionalities, superior performance, and customization. Specialty chemicals include additives, catalysts, coatings, and more. These chemicals meet specific needs, enhance product performance, and require advanced R&D capabilities. Chemtoll likely provides specialty chemicals, leveraging their manufacturing expertise to deliver tailored solutions for industries in South Africa.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for toll manufacturing in South Africa protect confidential information exchanged between Chemtoll and the customer. They define the scope and duration of confidentiality, establish non-disclosure obligations, and outline exclusions and limitations. NDAs also address remedies for breach and specify governing law and jurisdiction. Consulting legal professionals is crucial to ensure the NDA effectively safeguards confidential information in the toll manufacturing process.