Industrial chemicals

Industrial chemicals is one of our specialities. We supply a wide range of industrial chemicals to clients both locally and internationally.

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How can we help?

Whether it is in powder, granular, flake or liquid format, we offer expert advice and professional service when supplying and transporting your raw materials and products.

Our knowledgeable staff are ready for your project, no matter the size. We specialise in large quantities and with our technology, we are ready to supply and deliver the industrial chemicals you need.

Your industrial chemical options

With Chemtoll, you have the peace of mind that your chemicals will arrive safely and timely. Our goal is to ensure your business can run smoothly and create a working relationship of trust and prosperity.

Advice you can trust

All our products have a COA, SDS and are delivered with the appropriate paperwork.

Chemtoll partners with only the best raw material manufacturers, so that our clients receive the highest quality products and service. We do not compromise on quality control, and only employ the best hands for the job. We follow a near-seamless process that ensures you get your products on time.

Industrial chemicals for mining​

Industrial chemicals for mining

Industrial chemicals for manufacturing​

Industrial chemicals for manufacturing

Chemtoll's Quality

At Chemtoll we take our work ethic seriously and implement steps to ensure that your orders are tracked and insured. We understand the hard work that goes into building trust with clients. We are ever advancing our security and due-diligence when it comes to the integrity of the products we supply and deliver.

Your company’s security and livelihood are of the highest importance to us.

Making use of Chemtoll chemical toll manufacturers allows you to negate the capital required to transport of your own and to execute with speed so that you can be first to market with the products the consumers need. By coming directly to us, you save money and ascertain your product quickly to make your turnover.

Wide range of products

Chemtoll stocks and distributes over 200 chemicals. We offer these in pack sizes varying from 25kg to 30,000 kg tankers!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get the products you need to grow your business.

Chemtoll Products

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